Beautiful Sexy Beast (The Alpha Woman Book 1)

by Skye-Anne Chariss

Angela Davidson, a Corporate Lawyer, is respected and admired in the field of Corporate Law. She is in control, not emotionally attached—a beast in the boardroom and bedroom.
She vowed never to open her heart to anyone after she had terrible experiences in love issues. Until- she meets Harvey Meyers, the former Private Equity director, who is completely drop-dead gorgeous.
The man was a mix of George Clooney’s suaveness and Brad Pitt’s pretty-boy looks. He had sharp, enchanting grey eyes, a closely shaved beard, and a jawline that made Angela’s insides flutter.
Angela could swear on their last meeting that Harvey was devouring her body mentally with a distant, lustful look in his eyes. So, he had unleashed an unprofessional gaze on her. Was that enough reason for her body to suddenly begin to tingle every time she thought about what he looked like beneath that snug, form-fitting suit he wore? She sighed in exasperation.
She knew she wouldn’t eliminate all the crazy emotions stirring up within her every time she thought about Harvey.

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Category: Erotic Romance