Beaus and Arrows

by Rashida T. Williams

Emory hates his job—almost as much as he hates being called “Cupid”. Tasked with spreading love throughout the Earth realm, Emory wields his arrows with reckless abandon and matches couples based solely on their entertainment value. When he accidentally breaks the heart of his most dependable client, Blair, he sets out on a frantic search for her soulmate to repair the damage.

But as the barrier surrounding Blair’s broken heart grows stronger, she is unable to connect with suitor after suitor… leaving Emory to console her after each failed match. Their unexpected bond turns into friendship, and soon Emory finds himself falling in love with the one woman who can’t love him back. Emory must mend Blair’s broken heart before her condition becomes irreversible… and before the audit committee banishes him for this grave error.

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Paranormal Romance