Beastly – The Dark Heart

by Lara A. Steel

Jack Beastly:
“All these years I watched you and knew: someday you would have to fulfill the prophecy and then you would belong to me. Someday I would come for you! And today is that day.”

Heather O’Hara:
“Even as a child I knew it was best not to get too close to Jack Beastly’s cursed mansion. And to this day I still give its sinister walls a wide berth. So imagine my shock when, after a painful blow to the back of the neck on my wedding day, I wake up in Jack Beastly’s house. But it turns out he’s not the cranky old geezer I always assumed him to be! He’s an intimidating but very attractive young man and apparently no ordinary human. And what he wants from me is simply outrageous!”

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Category: Fantasy Romance