Bear Skin: A Billionaire Oil Bearons Romance

by Isadora Montrose

Curvy she-bear Jenna wasn’t expecting a stranger to fall half-frozen at her feet on New Year’s Eve. Now this voluptuous midwife has to thaw out a burly bear the old-fashioned way – skin to skin.
Hard-bitten bad-boy Zeke knows he’s gone to glory when he wakes to find his arms full of soft, fragrant angel. He doesn’t deserve her body or her love, but he wastes no time in claiming his delectable prize.
Zeke is determined to hang on to this passionate BBW who’s way too good for a beat-up veteran with PTSD and a bad case of the blues. Maybe if he knocks her up? Or bribes her with his billions?
Jen is irresistibly drawn to the moody hunk she saved, even though he does nothing but snarl and leer at her by turns. How could this surly son of a bear be her fated mate?
This standalone paranormal romp will transport you to your happy place. Read it today.

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Category: Paranormal Romance