Battle Hands

by Dahlia Red

The honor of medieval Knights versus the ferocity of Viking warriors, through epic war and intimate love…whose side will you choose?

A man finds his power in the blade of a sword.
A King and Queen find their peace in each other.
And the cruel woman who twists their fates in her wicked hands.

Hayden is exiled to the castle of Engleside. As the bastard son of the King, he hates his rich and powerful father for not saving his beloved mother. And he is hated by the Queen, who sees him as a threat to her son’s throne. Hayden’s only companion is Mal, a fast-talking troublemaker, and his only salvation is his love of wielding a sword.
Magnus and Solveig are the much loved King and Queen of Gurnhaven. In warmth and laughter, they raise their children and rule their kingdom. But their peace is threatened when soldiers from Engleside ride into one of their villages, forcing Magnus to try and avoid a war while Solveig warns that it’s inevitable.
Hayden knows if a war breaks out, the Queen will send him, hoping he doesn’t return. But he isn’t the only one who has to navigate the twisted plans of the calculating Queen. She has entire kingdoms in her grasp.

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Category: Historical Romance