Based: A Stepbrother Romance (Extreme Sports Alphas)

by B. B. Hamel

Real men don’t give a F**K . . .

Lincoln “Based” Carter doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He’s an arrogant, protective a**hole and the most famous extreme sports athlete in the world. His idea of fun involves jumping off of skyscrapers and parachuting between buildings.

Until the day he crash lands through a car windshield.

When I come home from college that summer, I’m surprised by the grunts of my hot-as-hell stepbrother working up a sweat during Physical Therapy. All in front of the camera crew that’s filming a documentary about his recovery.

He walks with a cane, but that’s not why I think of him as a tripod.

We have a history, but we can’t be together. And yet I spend all day fantasizing about his tight white T-shirt clinging to his ripped body. His constant cocky teasing and ooze-sex-grin is driving me crazy.

I’m supposed to be the good girl. But he makes me want to do things I never imagined before.

We’re stuck in the same house, and I’m afraid that if I let him get any closer then we’ll both drop right over the edge.

Based is heart-racing flirty, knee-crossing dirty, and oh-so-wonderful steamy. It’s recommended for audiences 18+.

Based is a standalone, full-length novel. No cliffhanger. Happily-ever-after ending.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance