Barbarian Blood

by Abella Ward

My new owner? An arrogant and possessive space pirate who thinks I’m his mate. And there’s no escape.

Rydel Deijeon is a space pirate, a proud and deadly Klai. His people are infected with a lethal virus, and he has to find an ancient scroll to save them.

Rydel doesn’t believe in stupid scrolls, but his beliefs are to be tested when his quest leads him to a woman with the scroll’s symbol on her wrist. A woman – a human clone slave – who is determined to hate him.

He instantly knows she is mate. So he does what he knows best: Take what he wants and bring her with him. But the road ahead is full of obstacles…

Can Rydel prove himself worthy of Tara’s love?

Can Tara learn to trust him?

Can they find the scroll that will save the Klai, and find love along the way?

$2.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction Romance