Bad Boy Dating Game

by Serenity Raine

Waiter! I have a craving for the guy at the bar, with a shot of liquid courage, please.
A terrible breakup led me to be suckered into a speed dating event.
I spotted Oliver’s arm tattoos from across the room, immediately I’m turned on.
I don’t drink beer, but girl I will drink him up and have seconds!
Looks can be deceiving, he has that bad-boy persona.
Sizing up his biceps to my curvy silhouette, I feel intimidated almost opposite of what type of woman I picture him with. The moment he approached me, my arousal level shot up. His touch was electrifying. Who knew a handshake would make me need to change my panties?
A coffee date leads to igniting the passion between us.
My lady bits throb with anticipation, just thinking of digging my nails into his back again.
My sixth sense tells me something is off.
Anxiety wants to push him away.
Don’t screw this up Devin, I repeat, he could be the one.

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Category: Contemporary Romance