Back to You… – The astonishing fate of John Fisher

by Richard Plourde

John Fisher will risk everything to find the anonymous bone marrow donor who gave him another chance at life.

After thirteen years of unhappiness, self-absorbed millionaire John Fisher becomes convinced that the anonymous female bone marrow donor who saved his life could be the answer to all his woes – his true love, his soulmate.

There is a problem… Donor information is kept confidential under lock and key in a secured building thousands of miles away. John believes he has found a way to get to his file, but a slight mishap will certainly land him in jail and ruin his career.

Risking everything, John embarks on an epic journey in search of this mysterious woman.

What he uncovers along the way challenges everything he thought he knew about fate, love, and the true meaning of second chances.

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Category: Contemporary Romance