Babysitter Age-Gap Erotica

by E. J. Layne

This is a 32,000 words EROTICA -Not Romance. It’s super-steamy and includes MM, FF, MMF, FFM, MMFF, bondage and other explicit acts that some may find offensive. Do not download if this kind of content offends you. But if you enjoy red-hot erotica with all the naughty juicy details then this is a MUST-READ.

Husband: Rough on any gender.
Wife: Doesn’t mind watching her husband ravishing a handsome young man.
Babysitter: An inexperienced temptress wanting her boss. She’s never been with a woman.
Boyfriend: A young jock with an untouched tight end.

Husband: Admires the young jock. Knows his babysitter is forbidden & won’t give in.
Babysitter: Frustrated trying to seduce her boss and needs her boyfriend’s help to do so.
Wife: Admires the younger couple but had never been with 2 men.
Boyfriend: Admires the Milf, but a MMFF menage? No way. He’ll never submit to a man
Or will he?

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