Baby For My SEAL Fake Fiancée

by Dakota Nash

That cocky Navy SEAL’s proposal to be his Fake Fiancée caught me off guard. He’s my brother’s infuriating best friend. We hate each other. But it’s an arrangement I couldn’t refuse. His CO wants him to settle down to get promoted, and I want to go to medical school. Amid the charade on and off the base, I can’t deny the chemistry simmering between us. With his piercing blue eyes and a jawline sharp enough to cut through steel, he is the definition of masculinity. The more we play, the more I see the fiercely loyal, protective, and vulnerable man beneath his tough exterior. He guards deep-seated PTS symptoms from past deployments, leaving me yearning for an emotional connection I crave. Can we overcome his inner demons and forge a bond we both want or are we doomed to be forever divided by his past? Just as I start to envision a future with him, this deployment could be our last.

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Category: Contemporary Romance