Baby For My Grumpy Boss

by Harley Chambers

An Enemies to Lovers Romance:

My brother’s billionaire best friend is a real grump and now I’m pregnant with his baby.

As Lee’s Personal Assistant you would think he would at least notice me.

I watch those beautiful blue eyes on that handsome face with the stern look everyday.

As he walks past my desk with his young son, he barely acknowledges me.

Except, when we are in fake engagement mode to give the appearance of a happy family-to-be for the sake of his son’s custody battle.

His son and I have become quite close and he wants me to be his new mom.

His ex-wife wants visitation rights and she’s serious this time about completing rehab.

Playing engaged has ignited feelings within us that couldn’t be ignored.

But things get complicated when I find out I’m pregnant and he thinks I’m trying to trap him like his ex did…

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Category: Contemporary Romance