B is for Baby Me

by Kaycee Cooper

A submissive football star bound for the NFL… a dominant professor into BDSM… Do they spell disaster?

JR’s got a secret. In fact, it’s so secret—even he doesn’t know about it. It’s not that he’s in the closet to his team, his family, everybody. It’s not that he’d rather study DNA than play in the NFL. Who would’ve guessed that the biggest man on campus… might sometimes need a Daddy?

Dr. Thomas Fletcher has a problem. The professor can deal with idiotic undergrads. He can handle disruptions to his research. The detached dom can even tolerate an occasional clingy twink. But when a certain jock challenges his intellect and libido, will hearts enter the equation? Because that would be a problem.

An unlikely Daddy. A really, really big boy. Is the odd couple’s experiment destined to fail, or can JR and Fletcher win their high-stakes game?

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Category: LGBT Romance