Awakened by a Billionaire

by J. J. Sorel

When billionaire and former SAS soldier, Declan Lovechilde, answers to a scream, he risks his life to save a girl from attackers. With nowhere to go, and wearing only a corset, Theadora, who can barely walk, ends up on his couch.
The next morning, he finds her gone.
Months later, she turns up at his family estate, where she has been employed as a maid. It seems she can’t remember him, but he can certainly remember her.
Her story is nothing like he expected, and when he discovers her inexperience with men, she becomes his obsession.
Boasting movie star looks, Declan Lovechilde has his fair share of admirers, while Theadora has to deal with his domineering mother and an unscrupulous older man who is determined to have her.
Despite Declan proving to be more than her hero, he must not only conquer her fear of men, but also a nasty character intent on ruining their passionate romance.

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Category: Erotic Romance