Attraction is not a Choice

by Taylor Axe

I have been jobless for over a month in a city like New York, so you can imagine my joy when I got called for a job interview as a nanny. The job title isn’t important, so far it pays my ever compiling bills.
What I didn’t expect was that I was to work for Lucas Martins, the dark eyed handsome devil billionaire that got me sacked from my former job. Life could be such a bitch sometimes or all the time to someone like me.
I was going to keep my dignity and walk out on the job until he called a price I couldn’t resist. That, and the fact the innocent little baby really needed me. It’s already hard enough having a cold-hearted and arrogant man for a daddy.

Find out in Attraction is not a choice: The Nanny’s Handbook, the first book in a new mystery and exciting romance series by Taylor Axe.

Note to Readers: It is a full book

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Category: Contemporary Romance