Assassin’s Bite

by Mary Hughes

When a shadow-man rescues newly minted police officer Sun-Hee “Sunny” Ruffles from death, the first thing she tries to do is arrest him. The next is kiss him. She’s a Ruffles, the most bumbling family on the planet, and the lithe assassin couldn’t be more her opposite.

Aiden Blackthorne’s identity as the assassin has protected him from his heart-breaking past. He’s in Meiers Corners to meet the vampire Eloise to win their freedom from her homicidal father, Nosferatu. Rescuing the cop delays Aiden, and he chafes—until a bomb explodes where he and Eloise were to meet.

Aiden doesn’t want to drag Sunny into his conflict, but her bumbling reveals the truth, that Aiden’s past isn’t buried as deeply as he’d like. She smells and tastes like his mate, and his instincts scream to protect her. But she’s a cop, and, like it or not, the only backup he has.

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Category: Paranormal Romance