Ashlynn’s Savior

by Elizabella Baker

Money can’t buy happiness. Or morals…

Ashlynn is the billionaire princess who has everything she could ever ask for, but she’s not living the life she wants. Trapped between obligation and following her dreams, an unexpected betrayal shows her just how bad being rich really is. When she’s rescued by the sexy Charlie Two, she’ll have to decide if she’s willing to sacrifice a love she’s never known in order to maintain what’s expected of her.

Bentley loves his job as Charlie Two. When a kidnapping assignment throws him into a world of wealth and privilege, where money is more important than family, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the woman stuck in the center of it all. Will Bentley and his team be able to protect her from those she thought she could trust?

Ashlynn’s Savior, book 1 in the Charlie Team series, is a steamy billionaire romantic suspense read featuring a heroine who thought she’d never escape the life laid out for her, and the alpha protector who will do anything to show her that she is strong enough to break free from her gilded cage. Happily ever after guaranteed.

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Category: Military Romance