Anxiety: A Tale of Murder, Mystery and Romance

by H. D. Thomson

What would you do if have weeks if not days to live?

Jake Preston races across the country and miles away from Boston to a woman who has no idea what power she has. Hidden away in her house is a formula and the key to an experiment that is killing him. But he isn’t the only one desperate for the formula. A person with their own agenda is willing to kill to get to it first.

Margot Davenport’s quiet life erupts when Jake shows up at her door with news that her brother’s death is no accident.

When people start dying and Margot realizes she might be next, is she too late to vanquish her own demons and a killer? Does she dare trust her heart on a man who has too many secrets?

Her survival depends on making the right choice. Because if she’s wrong, she won’t live much longer.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance