ANN: irresistible spirit

by Ken Ross

She was flawed from the start, as wild as a girl could be in 1968. I found her irresistible. We were destined to be lovers and fledgling adults who made mistakes. Heartbreak stalked us. At her best and worst her spirit proved indomitable. Ann’s life was always going to be an extraordinary adventure that flirted with happiness and beckoned tragedy. For fifty years, inner peace eluded her.


“There are a few independent authors who have got it right when it comes to penning novels and Ken Ross is one of them. I have never been so caught up in a book, one of the main reasons for this is that “I get it,” I could understand what the characters were going through. I felt their pain and heartache, the attraction directed towards the opposite sex, and the complications in friendships.”

“I have never read a book with so much heart inside it. I’m actually balling my eyes out after reading this book. Wow. I know all of the places in this story and never would I have thought that Harehills could be romanticized and be the makings of such a magical story of young love.”

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Category: Historical Romance