by Maxine Barry

In this box set:
AN OXFORD FRAUD: Everything is not as it seems at one of Oxford’s most prestigious colleges. Who will turn out to be a fraud, faker, or even a murderer?
AN OXFORD TRIAL: Gisela Ashley has just been through a nasty court case. She decides to take a holiday but a mix-up leaves her sharing the boat with ex-soldier Keefe Ashleigh. Who can she trust and who wants her dead?
AN OXFORD INHERITANCE: Harriet Jensen inherits a fortune and comes head-to-head with the Powell family, who believe her to be a gold-digging orphan. Despite herself, Harriet can’t help but find herself drawn to the devastatingly good-looking Giles Powell.
AN OXFORD SUSPECT: Nesta Aldernay comes to Oxford to set the record straight for her father. Never in her wildest dreams did she intend to seduce the attractive Detective Inspector Lisle Jarvis when she becomes embroiled in a tragedy.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance