An Indecent Marriage

by Mia Moore

Their marriage changed because of a movie…
For thirteen years Tina and Ken have led a comfortable and steady life. It’s been great; college sweethearts, upward careers, good friends and a nice house. It’s been great. Really. Honest.
But if that’s really true, why did that movie on Friday night turn everything on its ear? How did watching a steamy romance for two hours turn the button downed Tina into a filthy mouthed vixen?
Tina is so… self conscious about it the next day. She’s not really like that, especially if she’s sober! But the harder she tries to put that episode out of her mind, the more it pops up in her head.
Ken’s just as smoked. And just as confused. Maybe some shock therapy’s in order?
Uh oh… maybe not such a good idea…
But then again…

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance