An Imperfect Seduction

by Leigh Carron

I’m a villain. A role I never wanted, but it’s the one I’ve earned. Ever since “That Night,” haunting memories have been my prison, and denying myself pleasure serves as my punishment. I’ve learned to work out my urges at the dojo and redirect them. Until Jordyn Sinclair enters the bar in a blaze of bold temptation. She’s fierce and fiery. She’s also a frustrating pain in the ass. At least that will prevent me from doing something I’ll regret. Except… When there’s a threat to her safety, I’m assigned to protect her. Jordyn refuses to take the threats seriously and rejects my help at every turn. Our constant clash of wills becomes a dangerous game. Each argument feels like foreplay, fueling the intense chemistry between us and making my vow to resist her harder and harder to keep.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance