An Immoral Erotic Parable of American Eve & African Adam

by D.H. Chewins

What if the First Man Adam is black?
It revolves around a Southern Belle, Katheryn Kellington, whose fascination with African history and American slavery plunges her into a whirlwind of forbidden passions. She encounters Massai Mobuku, the African Adam to her American Eve, igniting a connection that shatters all taboos.
Guided by Lucifer himself, their erotic escapades surpass the wildest imaginations, outshining even Fifty Shades. Katheryn’s sensual odyssey unravels tantalizing techniques that promise unparalleled pleasure while weaving a narrative of interracial love that’s natural, divine, and utterly captivating.
This tale isn’t merely about physical indulgence, it’s a profound exploration of desire and history. An enigmatic ad in a high-end women’s magazine adds a layer of intrigue, making Katheryn’s story a compelling mix of mystery and eroticism.
Amazon’s rating is 4.6

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Category: Erotica