American Emerald

by David Snow

A coming of age story of love and war in the modern era, combined with the ancient Irish Legend of Gartan Clay and its supposed protective powers.

19 year old Daniel Flynn from Donegal, Ireland is about to embark on his dream of joining the US Army. His sole ambition from hearing the many stories of his late Uncle who served with honor in Vietnam. Although a child, he recalls the attacks of 9/11 and wants to do his bit for freedom, but most of all wants to live the American dream.

The story commences the week before Daniel leaves the safe haven of Donegal for his training in Fort Benning, when his life changes by the chance introduction to Sandy, a young tourist from Dallas, Texas. The two youngsters fall in love, with Danny showing her all the beauty of Donegal and the west of Ireland, before eventually parting company, as duty calls.

Daniel is a direct decendent of the O’Floinn clan, legendary keepers of the accent Irish Celtic legend of Gartan clay. Is there truth behind the mystic clay, will its powers protect Daniel from harms way in the killing ground of Afghanistan, will love conquer all, is it their destiny to be together forever…….

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance