Always You

by Lizzie Morton

You never forget your first love, and mine and Jake’s was the kind songs are written about.

If only I knew then that the one who taught me how to love, would be the one to shatter my heart into a million unrecognizable pieces, leaving me to clean up the mess.

Now, I’m back in Brooklyn with one goal: avoid him at all costs. Unfortunately fate has other ideas, entangling our lives and making it virtually impossible.

My wild friends and crazy family agree I should steer clear of him, but everything becomes irrelevant when we’re together. It’s heart-stopping, gut-wrenching, and my mind is plagued with ‘what if’.

I’m left questioning if what I thought was the end of our journey was only the beginning.

The heart wants it wants, and mine wants Jake, always.

But sometimes in life happily ever afters don’t come easily, and ours might prove impossible.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance