Always You: A Second Chance Office Romance

by Zoe Dod

Giving him up was the hardest thing she’s ever done.
Will she make the same mistake again?

At last! Things are finally looking up for hard-working single mum, Star Roberts.

If she secures the promotion she’s in line for at Hunt and Hunt – a London-based ad agency – she’ll be able to afford a lovely new home and a much better lifestyle for her and Skylar, her precious six-year-old daughter.

Skylar is Star’s reason for living, and she’s given up everything – including the love of her life – to make sure Skylar’s needs are taken care of. It’s fine that Star’s life is on hold right now. As long as Skylar is happy, so is Star.

But then fate throws a curveball. The boss’s son, Damian, returns to the London office to cover for his sick father. And everything changes.

Star’s lies are going to be exposed, and her worst nightmare is about to become reality. Because Damian’s putting two and two together. And he wants answers.

Is Star and Skylar’s future happiness about to be snatched away?
Can Damian forgive and forget what Star did to him?

Find out in this irresistible and emotional contemporary romance where secrets always find a sneaky way of revealing themselves.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Contemporary Romance