Always With Me

by Kristin Lee

He’s experienced. She’s stubborn. Will their love of horse racing drag them across the finish line? Or will he be taken before they get their second chance?

Brandon was my first love. My only love. Yeah, I was a hopeless romantic (and an idiot).

Thank God he didn’t get my V-card. Just my heart. Priorities, right?

But years later, I still can’t let myself love him. Not after he wrecked me that one night and shattered my romantic heart into pieces. He can’t mend them. I won’t let him.

She was forbidden fruit. I took one bite and fell in love. But I was a cocky college guy who thought my good looks and money would let me get away with anything. One mistake. One night wrecked our world.

I’ve got another chance to prove that I’ve changed. I’m older and wiser. I know what I want and it’s Gracie. It’s always been Gracie

Always With Me * Steamy *Slow Burn* Second Chance Romance.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance