Always For Him: An Older Alpha Male Curvy Woman Romance

by Lauren Milson

They say good things come in threes.
What about bad things?
I’m alone on Christmas Eve, I just bombed an important interview, and my roommate is throwing a wild party I wasn’t invited to.
That’s when someone knocks into me while shopping and I’m literally thrown into the arms of the most gorgeous man I’ve ever laid eyes on.
And it turns out, he isn’t a total stranger.
He’s an acquaintance from my past, but he’s not a small-town boy anymore.
He has big, rippling muscles.
A smile that makes me weak.
And smoldering green eyes that drive me positively insane right on the spot.
The best part of all – or the worst, if you’ve got my kind of luck?
He says he’s whisking me away to a glitzy Christmas Eve party in the mountains.
I should say no.
Men like him don’t go for girls like me, and I’m only going to get hurt.
But the look in his eye tells me once he claims me, he’s never letting me go…

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Category: Contemporary Romance