Alpha’s Love

by Jasmine Wylder

Opposites attract, right?

Voluptuous Liesel Gaytan is a survivor. After being abducted by rogue bear shifters almost two years ago, Liesel lives for the moment and makes the most out of every second she has. Now playing by the rules of sexy alpha Grayson Anders in order to be safe doesn’t give her the satisfaction she is looking for, even though there is an instant attraction when she sees Grayson. She has to keep things professional no matter how much she keeps imagining how he looks underneath those tight clothes.

Grayson Anders isn’t looking for romance. As a former Army Ranger and Alpha of the Canyon pack, Grayson Anders’ life, truck, and pack are orderly and follow strict rules. So, when he’s got to keep his pack and wild child Liesel Gaytan safe from bloodthirsty mountain lion shifters hell bent on revenge, he’s not sure she won’t drive him crazy before he can get the situation under control.

But as they often do, opposites attract, and it isn’t long before the two can’t deny their deep-running attraction any longer. And no matter the price, he’s ready to serve her every need. The only problem is—will it do more harm than good? Will it distract Gray to the point that he can’t keep the enemy at bay?

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Category: Paranormal Romance