Alpha Magic

by Amelia Shaw

Who knew one little love spell would return so many men…and problems?

With a fear of relationships and a history of avoiding men, I take matters into my own hands…with disastrous results. On Halloween night, I cast the perfect spell to call my soul mate, not expecting there’s actually more than one. And each with his own set of problems.

Now I have three wolf shifters all wanting to claim me: Jackson, the Alpha with a gorgeous face, muscular body, and a jealous streak a mile long; Billy, Jackson’s broody, bad boy cousin; and Darren part warlock, mostly wolf shifter, and all sweetheart. Sounds great…until you know the whole story.

See, wolf shifters aren’t exactly best friends with witches. I’m not sure why they hate us so much, but if this trio finds out I used magic to bring us together, how can I convince them what we feel is real? And not just the effects of the spell?

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