Alpha Bodyguard

by Riley Raine

I’m the best bodyguard in the business. From movie stars to politicians, I’ve protected all kinds of people. So when I’m hired to protect Nicolette Swan, a spoiled heiress on a public relations tour, I’m more than ready to deal with any tantrum she throws at me.

But Nicolette is nothing like what I expected.

She’s smart, strong, and more hard-headed than anyone I’ve ever dealt with. She crosses every line I draw. She breaks every rule I make. But no matter how much she tests me, it only makes me want her more.

And from those heated glances she throws at me, I know she wants me too. I try to keep it professional, but Nicolette is making it very hard…

It’s only a matter of time before the tension snaps, and we both take what we want.

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Category: Contemporary Romance