All Your Fault

by Kristin Lee

With just one glance, I ruin everything.

If Adalee Summers thought walking across campus at night was safe, she was wrong.

Being a collegiate gymnast requires years of training and this year, her goal was to stay focused on winning the SEC All Around Title until she saw him across the room—the baseball transfer.

His easy swagger, full head of dark hair and his laugh is a lightning bolt to the heart. He makes her thighs clench, her stomach flutter and in one night her dreams collapsed on a sidewalk not far from home.

She’s kept a lock and chain on her heart as well as her baby making parts, because she’s never been loved, not even by her father.

But will the dimpled baseball player convince her, he’s different and worth a chance, when everything she sees has player written all over it?

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Category: New Adult & College Romance