All That I Am, The Dragonfly Trilogy

by Elisabeth Mayer

Bradford “Trey” Treiger the Third was used to getting what he wanted; and he wanted Kelly. From the moment she left him years before, getting her back had become his sole obsession. Using everything at his disposal – power, money and ruthless determination – he finds her settled into a comfortable, quiet existence in Nowhere, USA and puts plans into action to reclaim what belongs to him.

David Campbell always knew he’d get married and raise a family in his small hometown, working at the plant that is the life’s blood of the community. Settled in a cozy home with his beautiful wife, he is determined to help her overcome grief a miscarriage less than a year before. When a large corporation purchases the company and he is immediately promoted to Vice President, he hopes their luck is turning around. With opportunities abounding, David finally sees his opportunity to take the company and his town into the 21st Century and is walking on air.

Kelly Campbell has secrets. Hiding from her past in a picture perfect life, she has no idea of the storm brewing ahead when her husband tells her about his promotion. Thrilled for him, she meets him for a celebratory dinner and her past and present collide. Will her future be with the man she loves or the man she can’t live without?


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Category: Erotic Romance