All My Love

by Lauren Milson

Benjamin Mathis is career-focused, fiercely disciplined, and hung up on only one woman: his lifelong friend’s college-aged daughter, the innocent, spirited and off-limits Elizabeth Marsau. For the past year, he’s kept up with her via her hobby travel blog, “All My Love.” And for the past year, he’s regretted not making his feeling known when he had the chance.

Elizabeth has been given the gift of a lifetime for her twenty-first birthday: a trip to Paris, the place she’s been infatuated with all her life. But when she runs into trouble on the day of her arrival, she turns to the one person she knows will help her out – her long-time crush, Benjamin. And when her solo Paris adventure turns into a week at Benjamin’s house, she realizes her feelings are much more than just a crush.

When opportunity and fate collide, Benjamin will stop at nothing to claim Elizabeth as his own – no matter the distance between them or the odds against them.

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Category: Contemporary Romance