All Hearts Come Home for Christmas

by Annalisa Russo

Jillian Magee loves Christmas. She has a freezer filled with Christmas cookies, all her Christmas gifts are wrapped, and all the red scarves for her caroling party are knitted. Unfortunately, the universe seems bent on depriving her of joy this season, even when it supplies her with a well-intentioned celestial do-gooder—a quirky female version of Jacob Marley. Tristán Solano, famous as Trystan Sol in the rock music world, grew up across the street from Jillian, his first friend, and the woman he left to grab the brass ring. After eight years with Last Bluff, earning more money than he can possibly spend in one lifetime, he longs for his old, uncomplicated life. As Christmas approaches, he leaves the band and heads home with his four-year-old daughter. Will Jillian have her heart broken again, or can she and Tristán overcome the past and keep each other warm this Christmas?

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Category: Holidays Romance