All For Him

by Kelly Finley

Can I share her? I’m Silas Van de May. And do you know the fairytale where the princess leaves her glass slipper behind? My version is darker. It was a clunky shoe, and her demon was real. And I’m the forbidden prince who ran after her, but never found the wounded princess. It’s been years, and now I’ve got billions. I’m the heir to a Southern fortune. I’m supposed to be a rich bastard, a sexy scoundrel, and sow my wild oats… and y’all… I do. I’m in a famous throuple, and the whole world knows about it. None of it means anything. I’m still searching for true love. The kind of love that owns your heart, like the memory of that girl with her shoe still grips mine. I’m that girl, Eily Dove. Like a little klutzy, cursing princess, I fell into his world. Like a fairytale, Silas finally found me. Like a curse, we can’t be together. To be with a tempting prince like Silas? To join his scandalous, forbidden world and everyone he loves? He thinks I’m too innocent. I am. But I want to lose everything to him, maybe even my lonely life. Because I’m tired of being the good princess. I want to be all his. **All For Him is a spicy “why choose” standalone novel set in the same world as After Him & With Him. For a full list of tropes, tags, and CWs, see the author’s website.

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Category: LGBT Romance