Alien Seed: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

by Ivy Sparks

They won’t release me until I breed with the alien beast…

After crashing onto a desert planet filled with alien savages, I find myself struggling to survive. My sister relies on me for her medicine, so I must get back to her.

Problem is, a lone alien with an intense stare and brands on his chest has been stalking me from afar. When he finally approaches me, I’m surprised to learn he wants to help.

But just as I’m given this lifeline, we’re both captured by a savage tribe. They want him to take me by force, to prove to everyone that he’s the vicious beast they say he is.

Either he claims me, or all the warriors of the tribe will. We both have the same priority – survival. But will I make it out of this trial the same person?

Or will our mating transform me entirely, inside and out?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance