Alien Rebel’s Bride

by Taylor Neptune

His telepathy is the most powerful weapon on the planet…

Ella knows that she’s a pawn in the power-hungry Temple’s hands. She’s been held prisoner inside of their walls for most of her life. So when she’s stolen by the rebel forces, she embraces her new life…and finally breaking free and becoming the powerful woman she needs to be.

Marco knew that he was stealing the Temple’s most powerful healer, but instead he met his fated mate. When he realizes that depth of his feelings for her, he knows that his plan to wage war on the Temple and heal his comatose father just got more complicated.

Ella is confused by the war brewing around her, and she knows that she has a major role to play.

Can they defeat the Temple, or will the Temple kill them all with their secret weapon?
***Guaranteed HEA, no cliffhangers***

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Category: Science Fiction Romance