Alien Fighter’s Baby (Captured Science Fiction Romance)

by Kat Emm

Demanding and powerful Alpha Force trooper Lt. Bran Hayes and Starling, a young civilian woman, are captured…

Captured Lt. Bran Hayes and Starling are forced together, while seven-foot enemy aliens demanded they mate. When Bran’s team busts in to rescue him, he hasn’t forgotten the woman with the deep green eyes and he fights through enemy aliens to find her. But once on his ship, he is informed Starling is pregnant. He is stunned, but her pregnancy cannot withstand his ships velocity. He has to make a split second decision.

As unprepared as Starling is to survive on a hostile enemy planet, that’s how unprepared Bran is for the fact she’s pregnant with his baby. But they will have to survive together, even as she becomes more beautiful the rounder she gets with his child. If only she didn’t think he was a bully.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction Romance