Alien Bonds

by Carmen Webster Buxton

Wakanreans mate for life– but not usually with a human! When Dina Bellaire visits Wakanreo, the unexpected happens; she finds herself tied to Wakanreo –and to one specific Wakanrean—in a way that she had not thought possible. From Kirkus Reviews: Buxton offers an SF story about interplanetary love triumphing, despite the odds . . . Fans of SF romance are certain to appreciate Buxton’s vivid, imaginative landscape, which she populates with thoughtful cultural elements and extensively detailed history. . . . readers will feel truly immersed in their religion, values, and technology of Wakanreo and appreciate the relevance of Buxton’s depiction of a couple fighting for their relationship in a climate of intolerance in this thought-provoking work. A dense but often engrossing tale, grounded in a relatable love affair.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance