Alice in Tinderland

by Dorie Hackman

Alice is forever the Fresh Divorcee. Tinder, the sizzling dating app and Los Angeles, the night-life capital of the world, provide her with unlimited possibilities while on her way to finding the perfect match.
This world, however, is opportunistic and treacherous, and what seems like the realization of a dream, a mall full of males with endless attractive options, soon proves to be no simple challenge.
With the help of her girlfriends, Alice tries to learn how to filter through the onslaught of suitors in order to avoid disastrous dates with men who turn out to be either married or determined serial hunters.
And yet Alice needs to find a way of keeping them on the back burner, just in case.
She must learn how to deal with the temptation to pursue this addictive pastime. Will Alice
ultimately find what she’s looking for or will she get completely lost?

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Category: Contemporary Romance