AI Regressor

by Caspian West

If you could start over as a teen with what you know now, would you?

Lucian Thomas was a self-made man.

Wealth. Status. He’d done the work.
The prettiest wife a man could ask for.

That didn’t stop his Maria from cheating.
She’d picked a slob. There was only one thing he had that Lucian didn’t. Even more money.

Millionaire… Billionaire… Would it ever be enough?

Amid her betrayal, a voice came to him. “If you could do it all over with the knowledge you have now, would you?”

Initiation of regression has begun.

Early 1990s. Beginning of the information age.

Will Lucian…
Build wealth?
Create the perfect physique?
Raise his status to the highest possible level?
Romance the most beautiful women?
Search for the perfect bride?

Will he seek revenge?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance