Adventures On The Forbidden Fert-Isle 1

by Phoenix Rose

An overworked and underpaid office worker needs a holiday. When her friend recommends a ‘special island’ for a relaxing getaway, and tells her she’ll get a great discount, turning down the invite becomes less likely.

What she doesn’t know is what makes this island so special is how fertile it makes all visitors. And the basic, primal urges which come with being so fertile invade her dreams and waking hours with thoughts and images she could never admit out loud…

An increased libido and fertility is only the start. The island speeds up the entire process, all nine months happening within mere hours.

Will the normally reserved, shy office worker be able to satiate her cravings by herself? Or is this one of those times she must admit she needs the help of others to help scratch her itch?

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Category: Erotica