Accidental Fiance with the Heartland Cowboy

by Jessie Gussman

Bridgett Rawlings of Prairie Rose, Iowa, is unfortunately known as the “Bad Luck Widow.” The painful shadow of her past is that every dear man in her life—her father, her two husbands—met untimely ends on her family’s farm. This has led the town to whisper about a curse, causing Bridgett to be enveloped in loneliness, surrounded only by the memories echoing on her land.

When Shawn Barclay, the son of an old family friend, arrives with intentions to help out on the farm, Bridgett is filled with trepidation. She shares her tragic story, hoping to deter him, but Shawn, dismissive of such superstitions, perceives a resilient and strong woman beneath her grief.

The two form a deep bond as they work together, yet, the ominous tales of the curse and Bridgett’s fears cast a shadow. Can love truly blossom amidst such adversity, or will the weight of the past dictate their future?

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