About Time You Proposed

by Lisa Renee

Second Chance at Love. Forced Proximity. Enemies to Lovers. Christian Small Town RomCom.

Emily Masters would rather weed the entire Roosevelt National Forest than work with Ethan, the Georgetown Railroad Troll. But her ex-boyfriend manages Clear Creek Adventures and would be the key person to promote her production at the local theater.

Ethan Winters avoided his childhood sweetheart since she’d crushed his heart when she chose a career in LA. Now she’s back for two months and working with her is sweet torture. The old feelings resurrect to life, and all his friends tell him it’s about time he proposed.  He has but a few weeks to overcome his fear of commitment and plunge into unknown territory. But when Emily is offered a TV deal that will catapult her career, how can he compete?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance