A Wife Turning Her Straight Husband Gay 1: She Encourages Him

by Matt Markham

Based on True Events!

Why would a woman want to turn her husband on to men? Because some women have a particular kink. They like gay porn, and love the idea of watching two men having sex. The straighter the men were at the beginning, the more intense the arousal for her. The thought of encouraging her “straight” husband to try something sexual with another man is enticing beyond belief. Especially if the man wants more…

Janice is married to Rick, a straight man, who provides her with an above average sex life. Yet, Janice wants more kink in her life. She wants her husband to experience sex with a man, her ultimate fantasy. She wants her husband to experience full-on gay sex, while she watches.

At first Rick is appalled by the idea of having sex with a man. After all, he’s straight. But Janice is skilled at manipulating Rick’s desire. Eventually, her persistence pays off. Rick ends up naked in bed with a man. He hates to admit it, but he wants more. Much more. His cravings for men grow. Has Janice gone too far? Will Rick’s newfound love of men threaten his marriage with Janice?

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Category: LGBT Romance