A Warrior’s Heart

by Avelyn McCrae

A time when deception leads to truth, and victory comes from surrender…

The life of a rogue isn’t always easy, especially for a woman. But Brighid isn’t just any woman. She’s intelligent, agile, and spirited – and determined to discover the secrets of her questionable past. Her only clue is a pendant in the shape of a black and silver dragon; the same design worn by the King’s Guard.

She’s convinced her answer lies in the heart of the kingdom, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Even if it means chopping off her raven locks and binding her curvy, petite figure to refashion herself as a scruffy lad to join their ranks.

Knight Roran McShane’s search for new recruits brings him to the far reaches of the kingdom. Only a select few prove worthy, but the pluck and determination of one particularly small but feisty lad moves Roran to do something he has never done before – take on a squire.

The mute lad proves to be resourceful and skilled, even if he is rather odd and shunned by the others. Roran is forced to second-guess his decision when he begins to feel unnaturally protective of the boy.

When his squire’s deception is revealed, he is both relieved and appalled by the knowledge that he is really a she, and far from a child. Honor and ethics require that he sever all ties, but Roran soon learns that is easier said than done. The lass is no sheltered lady, waiting to be rescued and before she’s done, she’ll surprise Roran, the knights-in-training, even the king himself.

For a warrior’s heart knows no bounds.

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Category: Historical Romance