A Tryst with a Lord: An 18th Century Historical Romance

by Catherine Hudson

Arriving for the Bath season, Abigail Townsville’s primary mission is to have fun, and what better place to do so than the spa city that was fashioned for entertainment? Dress balls, the theatre, dinner parties, etc. are the order of the day.

Also, she desires another type of pleasure; Abigail wants to be seduced. Not a mere kiss. She wants more.

One evening at a dinner party, Abigail is knocked to her feet by a woman in a rush to go somewhere. No apology, and no assistance from the stranger but thankfully a handsome man comes to her rescue; a man, who Abigail can’t lodge from her mind. Quickly, he consumes her thoughts, speculating on this and that, until one day she meets him.

Thankfully, in person, Stanford Coulton, Viscount Milton lives up to her hopes, and boldly Abigail makes a proposition; a daring one. She wants him to seduce her. Aware he is considered a rake, what better man to act on her request?

Certainly, it is a proposition which intrigues the charismatic, attractive lord, and why wouldn’t it? Similarly, the moment Stanford assisted the enchanting, beautiful Abigail the evening she took a stumble, rarely has she escaped his thoughts. She would be a nice, welcome distraction, and a distraction is very much needed.

A pleasurable distraction for him, and enlightenment for Abigail maybe but is that all it is destined to be?

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