A Total Sweetheart

by Rocklyn Ryder


I’m not a big celebrity, but I’m well known in this town and I’m not lacking for money. That’s why I decided on a match maker to find my wife, takes a lot of pressure off me and I don’t have to worry about some gold digger that’s not worth the time to draw up the pre-nup.

I’m not expecting a super model, but I know my worth and I can do better than Amanda Peterson.


Christopher’s wealthy, he’s good looking, he’s respected in the community, and– on paper– he’s a perfect match.

In reality? He’s kind of an ass.

I can’t blame the match maker entirely though, my friends and family chose him as my husband. It’s a true, modern day, arranged marriage.

Or it would be– if I had any intention of marrying Christopher Bennett.

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Category: Contemporary Romance