A Sullivan Affair

by Milan Watson

Have you met the Sullivans? Fall in love alongside each of these formidable men as you get to know the entire Sullivan Family. This series is filled with danger, deceit, and desire – a need to have for any romance reader’s collection.

A Sullivan Affair includes all three titles in this series:

Bride on the Run

Sarah is a southern debutante with her entire life planned for her. Caleb is a renowned writer fighting against the demons from his past. When they meet there is no denying the attraction. But when Sarah’s life is threatened, both Caleb and Sarah are forced to acknowledge the feelings they have for each other. Can Sarah learn to trust again? Will Caleb let go of the pain of the past?

For Justice or Love

When Delta rescues Neal from a broken elevator, the attraction is instant but both Delta and Neal deny it. The heat imminently rises when they discover they are neighbors. Will Delta be able to heal the wounds of an abusive relationship and open her heart to love again? Can Neal learn that there is a place for love in his life along with the pursuit of Justice?

Summer Loving

Abby has just landed her dream job; the only problem is her new boss is the same man that stole her heart thirteen years ago. Max is blindsided when Abby stepped onto his boat and back into his life, suddenly he’s reminded of a summer romance that ended too soon. As they fight against ignoring feelings from their shared past, it becomes clear neither of them has really moved on.

BONUS EXTRAS: Includes a free short story, 4th of July with the Sullivans.
Also includes a free preview of Sunsets in Colorado, the first title in the Colorado Crazy Series.

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Category: Contemporary Romance